Sunday, 14 February 2016

CityXfer saves your time and let you focus on your preparations

In this post, we will be covering an exciting startup - CityXfer. Though this is not related to GRE, but we are excited about this young company for three reasons - firstly, they are solving a very pertinent problem of delivering any type of item on the same day; secondly, we've had a first hand experience of their top class product & service; and thirdly, CityXfer has been started by our friend Kumar Gaurav who, like us is a geek & problem solver to the core.

So here is what CityXfer does - at times, we have to leave our office work or family to do mundane tasks of delivering items like documents or clothes or something bigger like furniture etc. This eats up our precious 3-4 hours and we feel we could have utilized this time better like finishing that presentation or watching a movie or playing with our kids or taking a mock test, of course! CityXfer comes across as a respite in such situations. Their delivery executives will pickup & deliver the item from your doorstep to the destination on the same day. Their pricing also fits into the pocket. They are seeing amazing early traction in Bangalore and we believe they are upto something big.

If you are an individual or a small business, just head to their Website or Android App or call them to checkout their delivery services.

Team WiseSwan wishes CityXfer good luck :)

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