Tuesday, 16 June 2015

How Important are the breaks in between GRE Sections

First of all never skip the breaks even if you think that you are doing great and you don't need a break.

Break is the time when you can take a "break" from the test pressure and anxiety. Regain your energy and calm your mind before starting the next section.

Following are couple of things to do during the break. These things you must practice while taking your mock tests. Remember the Powerprep practice tests also say that you should simulate the test environment.

Sprinkle some water or wash your face with plain water to feel refreshed. Drink some water or have a quick snack, of course a light one.

Ask for some scratch papers if you think you need more. There is no harm in keeping some extra ones. You would not want to waste time in between your section asking for scratch papers.

Take a restroom break, if you need. You would never want to take any other pressure than that of your test ;) But that does not mean you should worry too much about your test. Just keep calm.

Make sure you are back before the break finishes.

Finally before starting the section, close your eyes, take deep breath, and say to yourself - "Yes I can ace my GRE"

Best of Luck!

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